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View of Grand Canyon from Airship
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Client: Entertainment Engineering

The US Parks Service has expressed deep concern for the noise and environmental pollution created by cars and buses at National Parks. They are suggesting all passenger vehicles remain outside the Park and take CNG buses to visit specific sites. Our solution is unique – an Airship that floats gently over the pristine landscape and hovers silently at spectacular unreachable locations. Such ship would be powered by electric motors for vertical flight as well as forward motion. No noise, no pollution – a cruise to enjoy the natural beauty of America.

Design Specifications for the Airship:

  • Aiship diameter is 100M and it stands about 38M high.
  • Cabin has two levels and is 12.5M in dia.
  • Seating on the lower deck for 32 ( 28 passengers and 4 crew ).
  • Lounge/Bar and the command and control flight deck on upper level.
  • Air-freight option on the upper deck- about 200 cu. meters.
  • Additional seats (20) on the upper deck with a small Bar.
  • Upper deck has an observation platform.
  • Helium capacity 85,000 cu. meters, providing a lift capability of 85,000 Kg.
  • Helium is contained in eight modules held in place by light, rigid geodesic frames.
  • Top frame has the flat thin film solar panel inserts in upper frame.
  • Fuel, batteries, and storage tanks on central deck.
  • Two engines in the central shaft- 3M in dia. provide vertical control
  • Two engines on the exterior disc provide forward and reverse thrust.