CDG's success in creating unique environment for the Entertainment Industry requires a combination of creative talent and advanced technologies to produce "showcase" attractions that are entertaining, educational and stimulating. New Products need brand identity to establish market share. The perception of a high quality product that is unique and user-friendly is essential for continued success in the market.

Our work is included in comprehensive business plans that help investors evaluate the project and provide venture capital to finance development. Therefore, the ability to effectively communicate the benefits and advantages of new concepts becomes essential for business success.

Over the last two decades, we have done projects for Major Corporations worldwide. Some of our partners in progress have been:

  • The Walt Disney Company
  • Universal Studios
  • Time-Warner Entertainment
  • MGM Grand
  • AT&T Systems Integration
  • JVC Computer Products
  • Ford Motor Company
  • Boeing Aerospace
  • SpaceHab
  • NASA
  • The Mandalay Bay Resort
  • United Arab Emirates
  • Government of Hong Kong
  • CalTrans
  • City of Irvine
  • City of Anaheim
  • WATG International
  • HOK International
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