Conceptual Design Group is an association of Architects and Industrial Designers established in 1983 as an inter-disciplinary design and planning firm. Our work in Entertainment Architecture includes Theme Parks, Water Parks, Family Entertainment Centers and Resort Hotels. We also provide Interior Design services for the Hospitality Industry such as Restaurants, Clubs and Casinos and have received three PCBC Gold Nugget awards for excellence in design.

Transportation Design projects include unique systems for moving people safely and efficiently from major urban centers to destination resorts. Our work on Intermodal Transportation Centers has been featured in national magazines and we believe these Centers will become the “Future Ports” of the 21st Century.

Intelligent buildings and vehicles require advanced wireless technologies. We have worked with leading hardware manufacturers to develop new products using Wireless Data Transmission devices and Interactive Internet Kiosks for various applications. Our understanding of advanced technologies and ergonomics has led to concepts for the U.S. Space Program. We worked on a full size mock-up of the Habitation Module on Space Station. This led to the construction of SpaceHab, the first commercially viable research module for Shuttle missions.

Conceptual Design Group is positioned to increase your profits and promote your business. Good design leads to lower production costs and improves product quality, which translates into brand identity and consumer awareness.

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