Design Process

Conceptual Design Group uses a highly effective methodology that has been refined down to the essential phases of the design process. Much of this process is intuitive and most industrial designers, management consultants and strategic planners use a variation of this process to arrive at optimum solutions for any given problem. The process can be broken down into the following four categories.

Problem Identification

No project should be initiated without a comprehensive understanding of the problem. This definition leads to a vision statement that set the goals that need to be accomplished.

Idea Generation

Identifying the problem leads to the creative process of coming up with many possible solutions often referred to as “brainstorming.”


Concepts have to be evaluated keeping in mind two major factors: Technology and Economics. This process reduces ideas to concepts that provide practical solutions that address the vision statement.


Selected ideas have to be presented to investors and stakeholders. The presentation techniques vary, depending on the scope of the project. Ideas can be presented as sketches, renderings, models and working prototypes.

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