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Dragon Pearl Bridge, Hong Kong, China
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Location: Hong Kong

Client: Government of China

Hong Kong currently has five underground tunnels that serve as transportation links to mainland China. Our suggestion was to provide a destination attraction for the public to enjoy the harbor views from a pedestrian bridge. No structures are permitted in the water to maximize shipping traffic at this major port. New technologies, utilizing light weight composite structural materials can now enable us to span across Victoria Harbor. The Dragon Pearl Bridge would be a unique destination for visitors and residents to celebrate the re-unification of Hong Kong and China with this monumental physical and symbolic link.

Unique Design

Functional structure enclosing towers which serve as the “economic engine” for the project. These include:

  • Marina
  • Parking structure
  • Grand Plaza
  • Shopping center
  • Offices
  • Luxury residential units
  • Observation deck/restaurant
  • Heliport
  • Telecommunication facilities
  • Cultural/education center

Bridge Deck

  • Bridge deck functions as an entertainment/recreation and retail zone.
  • Gondolas suspended below deck transport guests between towers.
  • Center of bridge features an enclosed observation area with cultural and educational displays.
  • Retractable umbrella structures provide shade.
  • Moving sidewalks for convenience.

Dragon Pearl Bridge Tower Sections
Key Features

  • Longest cable-stayed suspension bridge. Clear span approximately 1 kilometer.
  • Height of bridge deck above sea level approximately 70 meters.
  • Width of bridge deck approximately 30 meters.
  • Height of structural towers approximately 400 meters.

Dragon Pearl Bridge Elevation