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FuturePort, USA
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Location: California

Client: CalTrans

In the late 1980’s we began discussions with the City of Irvine and CalTrans to upgrade the Irvine Transportation Center. We had developed new concepts for Intermodal Transportation Centers that had no precedence in the United States. The concept of combining air ferries, passenger cars and buses with people movers and high speed trains was a novel approach to addressing the transportation solutions for the region. Small electric vehicles did not exist, VTOL air ferries were still being tested. Solar technologies were expensive and unavailable for public use. Today we can re-visit these ideas and provide efficient solutions to our transportation needs. The personal automobile will remain the vehicle of choice, but new systems can provide options for a seamless transfer of goods and people in the future. This is the vision of FuturePort – a major transportation hub that incorporates multiple systems to make transportation safe, efficient and environmentally friendly.