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Client: Boeing Marine Systems / Nautilus Yachts

Boeing Marine System built one of the most advanced hydrofoils in the world. The ship is very expensive, uses aerospace technologies and has a capacity of 300 passengers on two decks. Our task was to suggest a redesign using less expensive technologies and half the capacity. A hydrofoil that could be used in developing countries and be maintained and serviced locally would be easier to market and meet global demand. Our solution was to incorporate traditional composite technologies to create the hull and turbo-props to power the boat. Such a ship might be half the cost of the existing hydrofoil increasing sales and promoting the Boeing brand.

Duffy Electric asked us to suggest ideas for a boat for 6-8 people used for sightseeing around Newport Bay. The existing boats are open to inclement weather and constant exposure to sunlight degrades interior materials. Open boats accumulate dirt and dust and have to be cleaned prior to rentals. We developed a shell that serves as a shade structure and can be lowered to enclose the cabin and provide protection from the elements when needed.

Nautilus wanted to develop a luxury yacht that would provide a retreat for senior corporate executives. The boat was designed with the latest audio-visual technologies, data transmission systems and a fully staffed conference center to conduct international business while cruising.