Family Entertainment CentersDeveloping countries have a growing middle class with discretionary income. Improvements in the quality of life have created opportunities to provide venues where families can go for recreation. These Family Entertainment Centers need to balance the entertainment content with some educational features that should have a broad appeal for all age groups. This new medium, often referred to as “edutainment”, is a blend of information and entertainment presented in a format that appeals to families in a safe and wholesome environment. It is entertaining, educational and stimulating.

Traditionally, this has been done with films and documentaries. The first ”theme park” to exploit this idea was Disneyland. However, the Disney model is very capital intensive. Most developing countries cannot afford another Disneyland. Secondly, cultural and traditional issues need to be identified to appeal to the communities in which these projects are located. The opportunity exists to understand and develop a successful attraction of this type, which could include the following components:

  • A Multiplex Theater
  • Restaurants and Food Courts
  • Selected Retail Outlets
  • Cultural Attractions and Shows
  • Handicraft Exhibits
  • A Water Park
  • Technology based Attractions and Shows
  • Game Arcades
  • Gardens for Picnics and Outdoor Exhibits
  • Indoor and Outdoor Sports Activities
  • Hotels

The final mix of attractions depends on local demographics and available resources. The design and planning process for these developments is generally based on a comprehensive feasibility study to determine the scope of the project.

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