EdutainmentConceptual Design Group has been designing unique environments since 1983; our work includes Theme Parks, Water Parks, Family Entertainment Centers and Destination Resorts. Special effects combined with advanced projection systems; three-dimensional sound, holography and motion simulators can duplicate almost any type of experience. These technologies have helped us to develop exciting attractions that can provide a “totally- immersive” entertainment experience.

By definition, entertainment has to appeal to our senses. Visual imagery combined with the appropriate sensory input can have a powerful and unforgettable impact on the audience. The Walt Disney Company pioneered these types of attractions and the Disney “magic” has tremendous appeal for people of all ages. Discovery Centers, “Exploratoriums” and Observatories are already exploiting this market. Some specialty retail outlets and restaurants are encouraging a “hands-on” approach to marketing educational materials and toys. Entertaining environments can, and should, be used to successfully educate younger generations in all sorts of basic scientific concepts and contribute in developing a new appreciation for the wonders of our natural world.

Conceptual Design Group would like to take these ideas one step further. Consider the new technologies on the horizon — advanced holographic projectors, digital fabrics and electronic paper coupled with wireless systems and sophisticated software. The classrooms of the future may, in fact, be multi-media rooms. Students would be motivated by powerful sensory input and unforgettable imagery to explore new frontiers of knowledge. The vast amounts of data required to build such a “knowledge bank” can only be stored in dense electronic files. These multi-media rooms would be capable of providing students with a “totally-immersive” educational experience on a wide range of subjects.

Education is an interactive process. Teachers need to effectively communicate with students to enhance the learning process. The technologies we have mentioned will help teachers and students develop new educational tools to challenge the creative energies of future generations. We are on the threshold of an exciting period in the future of education presented as a stimulating multi-media experience where students will be entertained in the classrooms of tomorrow. Conceptual Design Group is positioned to explore this new frontier. A powerful combination of fun, excitement and learning that will carry us into the future. This is “edutainment”!

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